With our homemade lunches, entrees and baked goods, we have something for everyone. We are always changing our stock, which means that you'll always have a variety of things to choose from.

We always have fresh chocolate chip, heath toffee and oatmeal craisin cookies, as well as cheddar biscuits and blueberry and white chocolate raspberry scones. If you've got a sweet tooth, we also have homemade cakes, tarts and puddings in our cold case.

Each morning, we make an assortment of breakfast sandwiches, and we keep them warm in an oven, with blueberry muffins and our signature Have a Good Morning muffins nestled nearby. Wake up with a snack and a cup of our freshly-brewed Rostov’s coffee!

We also have wraps and sandwiches for all of your lunching needs. All of our half-sandwiches, like the turkey and cheddar sandwiches, come with a complimentary bag of chips. For a more substantial lunch, try our Club Sub, or one of our wraps, like the Cajun Chicken wrap.

If you're looking for dinner and don't want to cook or order out, you can always grab a box of tortellini salad, grilled chicken with rice, meatloaf, or one of our many other entrees. 

We want you to be able to eat delicious things whenever you want. That's why we're here.